On All Graphite Pickleball Paddles
Whether you have been playing the game of pickleball for awhile or if you have just started playing, learning some tips that can help you get better at the game is a good thing. In this article we’ll provide you some general tips that should help you with your performance once you get out on the court.

Think about your Shot Selection
Knowing when to hit a specific shot can make a big difference and thinking about the right shot at the right time can help you improve. Here are a few tips.
  • Hit balls deep in the opponent's court, especially when they are already back. Keeping them back gives you a better chance to win the point.
  • Don’t try to hit winners when the ball is below net level. Keep the ball in play with a low return.
  • In doubles, work on hitting more shots down the middle than going for the corners. There is less error involved.
  • Use drop shots or dink shots when you are not in a good position to make a better shot.
  • If you are back and want to get to the net, a well placed and deep lob shot can give you and your partner time to get up to the net.
  • On defense, try to get back quickly when you see a lob coming at you. This allows you to hit it while moving forward and provides more power. Or you can execute a smash if the lob is short.
  • Always try to play the ball in the air. Letting it bounce puts you out of position and the opponents time to recover.
  • Don’t always hit the same type of return. If you always hit it soft and deep your opponents will figure out a way to get the advantage. Vary your returns. (Because of the two-bounce rule, the serving team needs to let the return bounce before hitting it. That’s why the return of serve is so important.)
  • When you need to keep your opponents deep, hit the soft deep return. Once you do, quickly advance to the no-volley line.
  • If you opponents are creeping up early, a hard return right at them is a good way to get them moving back with the odds of a poor return much higher.
February 20, 2017 — Upstreet Pickleball